Review: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead


I sat down the other day to watch a documentary on Netflix called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I had heard from friends after watching this movie that it had changed the way they wanted to eat and had motivated them to start juicing more so I thought it was worth the time to watch myself.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documents the journey of Joe Cross’s dramatic health and body transformation who is literally fat (weighing in at 325 lbs.), sick (suffering from chronic urticaria), and nearly dead (feeling lousy and living on 11 different medications). The journey lasts 60 days and 60 nights of drinking absolutely nothing but fruit and vegetable juice. The initial three days are difficult as Cross physically detoxes from food and fights the social and emotional attachments to food. He claims he just wants to “hibernate” and cannot even watch television because the food commercials ignite his appetite. However, as the days go by, Cross sheds lbs, increases energy, lowers cholesterol and gradually decreases the mgs. of his prescriptions.

After 30 days of his fasting, Cross begins his road trip from New York across the US, continuing his fast and interviewing people he meets along the way about their own health and outlook on fasting and juicing. The common consensus was that Cross was “crazy”. I was shocked to hear multiple people predict their own life expectancy to be between 50-55 and even 40 years “at the rate they were going”.  Cross meets a trucker, Phil Staples, along the way with the same chronic skin disease that he has and at an even heavier weight as Cross, 480 lbs and BMI of 58, extremely morbidly obese. Cross pours him a drink of green juice and tells him how fasting has helped minimize his outbreaks when nothing else would and offers to help Staples. They exchange information and each are on there way.

Cross returns back to Australia with a complete body transformation losing 82 lbs, increasing mental clarity, lowering cholesterol and increasing energy. Cross receives a desperate phone call from Staples who is asking for his help if its not too late. Cross travels back to visit Staples and starts him on his way toward a new life of health.

Staples’ story is truly inspiring as he begins his 10 day fast. He too faces the initial difficulty of detox but after the 10 days and losing 30lbs, he decides to go another 20 days. He improves his physicality by gradually walking more and more everyday and documenting his improvements with a doctor. Phil goes on to fast for 60 days seeing a dramatic weight loss, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, jogging, working at the YMCA, holding a juicing workshop in his local community and supporting his brother in his health after a heart attack scare during the film.

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead is an inspiring and motivating documentary depicting Cross and Staples as masters of their own health. I think once you make your mind up to make changes in your life, it is possible to transform your lifestyle, body, and quality of life. Its unfortunate that most of us wait until we are literally fat, sick and nearly dead. I encourage family, friends, and everyone to eat healthy, juice and fast to prevent your risk of sickness, disease and to  live the life you love.

Cost of Phil’s brothers heart attack: $56,424 or $571 a month w/o insurance

Cost to juice: $14 per day, $28.50 for organic fruit and veggies

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